Pantone system and modern carpet colors

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Has it ever crossed your mind why the color trend changes from year to year, and what makes a specific color more popular than others in a year, or did you ask who determines this color to be the leader in the seasons of the year?

When the name of Pantone is mentioned, the sentence immediately comes to mind: “Color of the Year”; Whenever a year draws to a close, Pantone presents to the followers and interested parties its color palettes in their various gradations, and justifies its reasons for which customers and producers have come to trust them to an indescribable extent, and you find them immediately enjoying the services provided by Pantone to them and entering their production lines smoothly and easily, in the current article we will talk about Pantone colors and how to choose carpet colors in proportion to the season. .

What are the pantone colors?

Pantone has the main role in this, and the most famous designers and manufacturers rely on it for their products. You can learn about its influential role in the world of colors, which reflects the beauty of the piece with the harmony of its colors and the beauty of its matching in an elegant and comfortable way for the eye:

1. Produce a color that reflects the general mood of the seasons and occasions during the year by preparing color palettes with their different gradations so that this palette is included in the colors of the year produced in it.

2. It works with a color matching system with the aim of creating color harmony and harmony in different degrees that do not change with printing at all, whether it is graphic and product prints, furnishings and decorations, textiles and fashion, or paints for walls, buildings, finishes, etc.

3. In the event that the beneficiary is the owner of a trademark or a manufacturer, he can benefit from the gradation of colors and uniqueness in its international language by the Pantone company to help them define the colors in what expresses his visual identity, and the harmony between them and what is around them.

4. Pantone also works with high-accuracy and quality technologies and software. This company bases its work on two color systems: matching and fashion. This is in order to take into account the needs of the customer and the beneficiary in their various directions and forms, and to give him the privacy and distinction that he needs and aspires to in the color and appearance that expresses him with distinction.

5. It is worth noting that the gradient and color overlap that Pantone offers in its systems was not an ordinary day or could be invented from nothing for any beginner, as its great experience in eliciting and extrapolating the consumer's needs and mood in the acquisition

6. Pantone colors are at the forefront because they control the degree of color and add it to the extent that makes it have a real, unprecedented character. It also provides many and many designs with a very special and elegant color contrast, and this will prompt you to choose satisfied; Because you will find what you need in terms of purchases, which made it provide ideas and services with very professional and accurate options.

    Pantone focuses on choosing colors that ignite curiosity, nourish it, support the pursuit of it, and stay in its surroundings. In a later year, you will find that it introduced very bold colors that express freedom, strength, presence, and the intensity and extension of the effect. Then you find that it went to the colors of mystery and excitement that baffles the viewer and makes him feel that he is facing a big secret. .. This is what makes Pantone so reliable; Because it is renewable and unexpected, and this is something that many customers and beneficiaries tend to do.

    How to choose carpet colors using the pantone system

    1. As is the case in the fashion world, it focuses on the harmony of colors in each piece with the other. The same applies completely to home decorations, furnishings, and the materials that we use in our homes. It is no secret to any of us that interior designers and specialists are unable to determine the general mood in the home and what It is suitable for residents only after visiting it and getting to know the colors they like with family members to determine what suits them and reflects positively in their general mood, to determine the necessary furnishings, furniture and decorations, then they draw the appropriate designs according to the colors offered for this year.

    2. Pantone provides this service to designers and producers, and when it decides on a color every year, it takes into account the comfort and confidence of the customer. It also provides a community that studies options and provides proposals for assistance in how to use color and achieve harmony and harmony with it. It takes care of the interior and exterior design of homes, offices, etc., which raises the Design level and keep it in the distinguished modern grade.

    3. Perhaps the beautiful and distinctive thing about color pluralism is that it provides options suitable for any customer without exception. It is not possible for a customer not to find his request based on his personal desire, whether he tries to choose between the offered pieces, or to be single with distinctive designs and colors that he requests according to his desire. The advantage of the Pantone system is that it gives gradation Chromatic and provides producers with the appropriate colors to create harmony with others, so if you tend to bright and cheerful colors, you will find dozens of colors of each color, which do not change or alter by printing or weaving; To finally feel that what you have in your home is very similar to your mood and exciting.

      Coordinating carpet colors according to the trend of the year

      Does this mean that we will have to change the carpet at least once a year? Does this require huge costs? And if we do not implement this and keep up with the fashion, we will be accused of backwardness and retreat? Is it exhausting financially, socially and psychologically to this extent?

      1. If we answered all the previous questions with “yes”, it would be financially and psychologically exhausting, but it is not like this at all, but you must follow all instructions to take care of it and preserve it and commit to storing it in the right ways to keep it new with an attractive appearance without any stains.

      2. You can buy one piece in the colors of the new year with its beginning, provided that the carpet colors match the painting presented by Pantone at the New Year of each calendar year, to feel the change at least, and to create a beautiful atmosphere, especially for the house in the entrance, bedroom, living room and guests:

        1. Carpets for the entrance to the house

        - The entrance to the house reflects the visitor's general taste of its owners, and the extent of its harmony. It also gives the owner of the house comfort and gives him the warmth that he lives inside the house. This is what Pantone takes into account when designing overlapping colors in a professional way that combines the interior colors of the house, reception rooms and guests.

        - Rectangular rugs are most suitable for the entrance of the house in harmonious colors with an entrance table and two chairs, and it may require a shoe organizer, and another hanging organization unit - perhaps - to organize keys or hang coats, scarves and other extra clothes that we do not need inside the homes.

        The blue colors also suit this goal, and if they are combined with earthy brown, foamy white, and turquoise coastal blue, they will achieve the goal of using them with distinction. Because the blue color illuminates the comfort zones of the soul and calms the feelings very much, especially when mixed with coastal colors, Pantone chose turquoise as the color of the year in 2012, and according to the company: “Turquoise combines the calming qualities of blue with the refreshing aspects of green, and it inspires ideas of calming tropical waters and escape.” relief from the daily problems of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well-being.”

          2. Living room rugs

          In the living room, it is taken into account to choose colors that suggest life especially in the warm seasons of the year because it is the most place where the family gathers and spends enjoyable times, and they practice different common activities and hobbies, so you have to achieve harmony between the colors and shapes of the carpet with the wall

          Grassy green and sky blue (in 2020, classic blue was chosen as the Pantone color of the year), light gray with yellow, or cold violet with soft yellow, and pink lines between gray, white and black, as well as petrol or quieter turquoise and turquoise With beige and earthy brown, all these colors are combined with the coffee table, the seating corner, and perhaps organizing units for books, newspapers, pens, and other supplies, and perhaps a coffee corner as well, and finally a TV desk and some shelves on which flowers and antiques are stacked with beautiful herbs.

          The circular shapes of the carpet give an indication of vitality, dynamism, and a sense of life in general, while green suggests growth, energy, life, health, and a lot of positive feelings, so its incorporation into the designs and colors of the living room carpet gives a renewed stimulus to those in it.

          Did you imagine the general shape with me? This is exactly what Pantone aims for when it introduces the "Color of the Year" and announces its trend with confidence; Because, as mentioned above, she understands the client's mood and needs very well.

            3. Bedroom carpets

            - The bedroom is the most important space in the house because it is considered a place of comfort and tranquility at the end of each day for each of us, and therefore it is supposed to have a calm and relaxing character for the eyes and nerves to start a new day with full vitality and energy. and other bedroom furniture.

            - If you are a fan of boldness and excitement, go for a group of intimate colors such as red, which gives a direct sense of boldness, or yellow, which suggests seduction, or pink, which reflects embrace and warmth. It will be easy to combine them with neutral colors such as cold gray (absolute gray was chosen as the color of the year In 2021), earthy brown and black with thin lines, and perhaps some gold suggestive of richness and extravagance, and cold violet suggestive of passion (Pantone color for the year 2022, very Peri is one of the shades of violet), all of these meanings are taken into account when making or purchasing bedroom carpets.

            - For lovers of calm colors of a feminine nature, its energy is bold and stimulating, Pantone incorporates it into designs and color gradations that are easy to match with the colors of carpets and furniture. For example, in 2016, Pantone chose pink quartz as the color of the year, a sign of serenity!

              4. Guest room carpets

              - In the guest rooms, the majority still prefer to coordinate carpets with furniture in a way that suggests luxury and a stark presence, and add some rare pieces of Iranian carpets in the famous earthy colors or red-gray with dark green and some earthy beige touches as well. And Pantone chose the color red (Tangerine Tango) for the year 2012, which reminds us of the radiant shades of the sunset. It is a magnetic, vibrant color that emits heat and energy.

              - However, when Pantone presents a color, it takes into account that very much, so you see a great merger that feels a touch of blatant originality in the aforementioned models, with a modern look in color gradient only, and by adding some decorative units such as vases, side tables for service and hospitality, and perhaps a library of books or a shelf for antiques and plants, and some Candles, tissue boxes and lamps are distributed among the sofas and above the shelves and units.

                Color harmony is comfortable, and the most important thing is that it is possible to achieve it. Evolution proves day after day that a person's mood and special atmosphere can be applied and embodied in his holdings and purchases. Amazing, especially in the world of furnishings, as it is a secret tool and a puzzle that provides the viewer with an idea or a very simple overview of the general atmosphere of the house. Shop online from Wift Store, the best luxurious and classic Sadu carpets and more, and make every space in your home a shrine that displays all that is luxurious, reflecting in Its details and colors are the taste of the lady of the upscale home.

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