Floor rugs: 10 new trends in 2023

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Floor rugs: 10 new trends in 2023

When the word floor rugs began to appear in Europe during the nineteenth century, rugs at that time were made from scraps of fabric that were braided together into large oval or circular rugs. This rug is laid in front of the front door in the yard of the house in order to clean or leave shoes on it.

Returning to the present and gradually, the carpet moved from utility to elegance, as the carpet was no longer just a functional piece with a single design and modest materials, but rather witnessed successive revolutions over the decades that made it a functional and aesthetic piece together whose quality improved with mass production.

In the following lines, we discover the latest results of these revolutions in design, colors and materials, in order to make sure before buying that your investment in floor carpets will not go into a piece that will quickly become outdated.

  1. More vibrant colours

Carpets continue to compete strongly for the role of “who defines the inspiration board in the room ?”, As this popular trend of floor carpet trends with its new, more vibrant colors succeeded in taking the lead in dictating the color palette of the space, making the floor the prominent element in the room’s components so that it comes first Then the rest of the components are selected accordingly.

This trend came as a natural result of the revolution that carpets went through during the past decade, in which beige and gray carpets stepped aside in favor of carpets with more modern colors. Think of bold, cheerful, vibrant carpets with dynamic shapes inspired by nature, not the colors of nature that you are used to, but other colors such as Coral colors and colors that indicate freshness such as orange, cherry red, beet-inspired purple, lime green and yellow.

  1. antique rugs

The English proverb Old is Gold, or in Arabic, says, “old is like gold,” and carpets are the best witness to that. Antique pieces acquire a special luster that modern pieces cannot compete with, as this luster combines history and beauty. We notice this in the attractiveness of antique carpets to carpet lovers, despite the wide variety of modern carpets in designs and materials.

Turkish carpets and Persian carpets come on top of the types of antique carpets that are widely popular due to their natural appearance that does not change over the years. Antique carpets also carry wonderful coordinating ideas for bedrooms and the living room that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The most prominent characteristic of this antique type is that the design, which appears erased in some areas of the carpet, makes it a practical piece that is good at hiding signs of wear and tear that may occur on the carpet due to frequent use.

  1. division of spaces

This popular trend of floor carpet trends solves the common challenge facing everyone who designs the decor of a large open-plan space. Dividing spaces means using carpets of different shapes, colors, and materials to frame smaller areas within a large area. This challenge often appears in living rooms and dining rooms where they are Furniture dividers and partitions are not enough to divide the room and using one carpet for the whole space makes the room look smaller.

To clarify the correct role of carpets in this situation, we will give an example of a long living room with an open space, which can be divided into two small groups of furniture, the first is a seating area and the second is a reading corner, then we put two different carpets to define them, where we choose a carpet of a different color, shape or texture for each group separately To frame the furniture placed above it. The carpet succeeds in dividing the room into two spaces, each with a specific function, making it look like two rooms and not one without the use of a physical barrier, such as a wall.

  1. carpet layers

You may have a rug that seems small for the space in which it settles, yet you would like to keep it, so what is the solution? The perfect solution to this problem is to place larger, complementary rugs under the existing rug to help fill in the empty floor space.

The layered look can take many forms, for example small patterned rugs over firm jute rugs, or small thick rugs over large, flat rugs.

A common arrangement for layered rugs is to place the small rug in the middle of the large rug, but there is another way to place them together such as to cross the two in a slant on top of each other. The two important considerations when layering carpets on top of each other are to place the larger carpets in the direction of the same furniture, in addition to making sure that the two pieces differ from each other in terms of patterns (one heavily decorated and the other plain or less ornamented) and in terms of thickness (one deep and the other flat). However, it is fine to place two plain rugs or two flat rugs on top of each other.

  1. Irregularly shaped carpets

The eye is accustomed to rectangular, square and circular carpets, so what is the new shape that can catch the eye? A question asked by decoration lovers who are looking for distinctive or unique pieces to add a revolution to the overall appearance of the house.

The irregularly shaped carpet represents the answer to this question, as it presents soft shapes with a touch of modern natural style, as if it extends across the space without planning or intention.

The irregularly shaped carpet is made of soft materials and comes with rounded edges and irregular shapes. It is characterized as a multi-use aesthetic product that is designed to last for a long time without giving rise to a feeling of boredom, as it suits all tastes, whether classic or modern.


  1. shag carpets

Shaggy rugs are back in trending floor rug trends this year, a natural outgrowth of the '70s throwback trend we're seeing everywhere in design. The shag rug adds pleasure to the floor and provides a wonderful soft cushion for the feet and a luxurious feel for the interior decoration, so it is a good choice for the living room where you spend most of your time barefoot.

In addition to the living room, the bedroom is an ideal place for shag carpets, because the first steps in the early morning need a comfortable surface on which feet sink in preparation for a busy day, which is the task of shag carpets made of natural materials with different textures. Shaggy carpets are not expected to go out of style any time soon, even as competition continues with traditional, tightly woven carpets.

  1. Carpets made of natural fibres

Carpets made of natural fibers such as wool, sisal, burlap, bamboo and silk have a timeless appeal, except that they are environmentally friendly and give a feeling of warmth, comfort, relaxation and tranquility.

Natural fiber rugs blend easily with monochromatic and brightly colored décor, plus woven natural fiber rugs are a good choice if you're considering wall-to-wall rugs.

Carpets made of natural fibers are durable and can withstand heavy use. If you want to use it as one of the carpet layers, then choose a low-pile type to serve as an ideal basis for other, smaller rugs such as antique kilims and animal skin rugs. From this mixture, you will get a distinctly eclectic look . If you prefer a coastal or classic style of décor, choose a jute or sisal rug.

  1. neutral rugs

Neutral colors will not disappear from the current popular floor carpet trends because they are simply easy to use in interior design. Neutral colors include pure colors that are white, black, brown and gray, and warm colors that are bronze, gold and beige, in addition to a cool color that is ivory. We note that these colors do not exist in the color wheel, because they are primary colors that can be easily combined with any color and do not compete with other colors.

Neutral-colored carpets give the room an atmosphere of calm and sophistication, and are suitable for decorating any space in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Recently, oriental carpets have also joined the neutral color palette, as neutral antique carpets add depth and personality to the floor without competing with the decor elements. other.

  1. flat carpet

Flat carpets are one of the most popular options in the world. We notice this clearly in the growth in the number of pieces of flat carpets that we see in carpet stores. Flat carpets differ from regular carpets in the weaving technique, as they are made of only two threads, so they come with a flat, thin texture and light weight.

Despite the common notion that higher-quality carpets are thicker, flat carpets also carry real benefits that make them a suitable choice for many.

Among the most important benefits offered by flat carpets to the housewife is the ease of carrying and moving them when necessary and their ability to rotate easily so that they can keep the carpets in their best condition, in addition to that another important feature is the ease of cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner only, and that is due to its flat weave that does not find dust Nor does debris have a deep place to lie in, away from the broom's suction power.

  1. Sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs are a popular trend in floor rugs that are suitable for almost every place in the home. Sheepskin rugs provide a distinctive soft texture that is not available in other types of rugs. Recently, a variety of colors and shapes have appeared that blend easily with almost every decor other than earthy colors. and traditional ovals. If you are thinking of a pale pink or a soft purple for example? You will find rugs in these colors.

There is no limit to the options for arranging sheepskin rugs in the home, as you can place it in the children's room as a soft surface that you prefer for the little ones to lie on while playing on the floor, or you can place it in the kitchen to break the modern look of hard surfaces and metal electrical appliances.

But if you want to warm your favorite chair, sofa, or office floor, put it under these pieces to warm your feet. You can also put it in the bathroom and take advantage of the leather bottom layer that prevents slipping, in addition to the moisture-absorbing upper layer of wool.

In conclusion, this was a quick tour of the world of types of floor rugs that are in vogue at the present time, whether in terms of colors, materials, or shapes that are expected to define home decor at this time. We noticed how not only did they come with a variety of trends that made choosing the right floor rugs easy, whatever your taste and home décor.

Rather, we also noticed that it came with contemporary trends and borrowed from the past as well, as we see sheepskin carpets on the list, which was the first cover that man places on the ground to warm it, along with antique oriental carpets that were displayed on tables to show off wealth, in addition to shaggy carpets that were carried to us by the winds of the seventies. the last century.








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