The creative process of artist Javier Marín

العملية الإبداعية للفنان خافيير مارين

Javier Marín's work is about the creative process

One of Mexico's leading artists, Javier Marín has developed his career over three decades of mastering visual art. He's most prolific in sculpture, but his art portfolio includes breathtaking paintings and drawings as well as other works. Recently, Javier collaborated with a luxury carpet manufacturer to create Stunning tapestry set of two rugs and five tapestries.

History of Javier Marin

Born in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico in 1962, and educated at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, Javier Marín has been incredibly prolific over the course of his three decades of career, appearing in over 90 solo exhibitions and over 200 performances. Collectively, his work has been exhibited all over the world, including his native Mexico, Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia, and he has also been highly awarded, winning first prize at the Third International Beijing Biennial, among others.

Artist Javier Marin

Javier Marin's style and creative process

Javier Marín's work usually shows the human form. His work was developed by drawing the human form directly at the base. His work evolved into painting and sculpture eventually. His practical touch and the materials he uses in his final works stand out, rather than masking them. The supporting structures of the sculptures are exposed, or defined holes in the material.

Sculptures by Javier Marin

Marin's work is often compared to Renaissance statues by Michelangelo and Rodin. Huge bronze nudes that accentuate the human form are combined with a modern twist of his own to show his style. These "imperfections" are said to represent the inner struggle, quest, and grief of man.

Carpet and textile business

One of Marín's most recent works has departed from his sculptural models. Marín exhibited in Mexico City in February 2020, for the first time a collection of masterfully woven carpets and tapestries. Literally his creative process into a completely new creative piece of art the carpet.

Sculptures by Javier Marin

Javier Marin Textiles

Marin's tapestries are handcrafted and woven using the traditional Gobelin technique. Marin photographs pieces from the molds he uses to make the sculptures, then recreates that image by weaving custom-dyed New Zealand wool. The biggest challenge was including all the little details, which is An important part of art for Marin.

Tapestry by Javier Marin

In addition to the five tapestries, the collection also includes rugs. These round rugs are referred to as "battle rugs," which depict the concept of the battle one might have with oneself inside one's head. These rugs are woven using a traditional Tibetan weaving technique. The rugs, like the tapestries, use New Zealand wool, beautiful pieces for the floor or the wall, Marin describes his technique as a free combination, he cuts letters randomly into black paper and throws them on a white surface, then weaves the resulting image.

The Battle Rug by Javier Marin

Marin asserts that these tapestries, like all of his work, were as much about the creative process as they were about the final product, his work known for building a story out of nothing.

Javier Marín still lives and works in Mexico, and his creations can be seen all over the world.

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