Your guide to equipping your home with carpets before Eid Al-Fitr

ديكور عيد الفطر

Your guide to equipping your home with carpets before Eid Al-Fitr

The matter is not much different whether the blessed Eid al-Fitr takes place in the summer or in the winter, as everyone prefers to furnish his house with carpets to receive this beautiful and very special occasion for Muslims, not to receive visitors and appear in the best and most elegant appearance possible.

In fact, the preparation for the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr is much greater than simply covering the house with carpets, so it goes beyond thinking about all the decorations and small, subtle and general details as well, which is the responsibility of the housewives in order to complete the joy of the beautiful appearance in the house.

It is also not hidden from you that the preparation of carpets does not stop at all at home, as mosques and spaces allocated for Eid prayers in the regions are also decorated with beautiful and new carpets, and most people carry clean and scented prayer rugs with them in order to complete the manifestations of joy that increase the feeling of Eid joy.

In this article, we will present some tips that will help you prepare your home and yourself, and share the joy of Muslims on this exceptional annual occasion:

 How to prepare your home with decoration and carpets before Eid al-Fitr

We all know that the blessed Eid Al-Fitr comes as a divine reward for those who fast throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, and it is the Muslim’s right in it to show joy and live it as he pleases within the limits of what God has permitted - glory be to Him - and to make those around him happy, visit his loved ones and uphold his ties of kinship, but without extravagance, and this What we are trying to help you with.

Here are several ideas to make your home feel qualified to receive guests and imbued with the scent and appearance of Eid, in order to make your children, loved ones, and visitors happy:

  1. If you store carpets, we suggest that you take them out of storage at least ten days before Eid, and expose them to ventilation and sun for a full day. This is in order to be assured that it is in the best possible condition, and has not been eroded or affected by storage, as well as making sure that it is clean, and its colors are bright.
  2. If the carpets of the house need to be washed before Eid al-Fitr, let it be at least a week before it in the summer, and two weeks or more in the winter. In order to make sure that it is completely dry and that there are no residues of washing and cleaning water left in it; Because the presence of water in the carpet will make it susceptible to pollution faster when stepping on the feet, and it can also be exposed to the smells of dampness and water storage that is more like the smell of corruption, which will embarrass you and make you ashamed in front of your guests.
  3. We advise you to perfume the carpets if they are new or clean. You can fill a bucket with clean water with suitable perfumes to perfume the furnishings, then wipe it with a clean brush after cleaning it from dust completely, then exposing it to the air of fans or the sun and ventilating the windows as possible and available, but if you are going to wash it before Eid al-Fitr Al-Mubarak, we advise you to add suitable fresheners to the cleaning water, as this keeps the house fragrant all the time and makes your guests feel fresh and want to stay with you, while you feel proud.
  4. Provide the gates and entrances with appropriate treads, and it is preferable that they be made of heavy materials in order to be stable, and it is also preferable that they be made of treads with dense and somewhat high fabrics in order to absorb dust and withstand the many feet that will pass over them, and it is preferable that their material from the bottom be made of materials that stick to the ground For more stability and not to move with the movement of children and even visitors.
  5. Allocate beautiful bright carpets for bathrooms and kitchens, also in warm colors, or colors that suit marble or ceramics made of it, and complement its harmony when used, so that you do not suffer later from severe pollution. Because many visitors will use the bathroom on this day, just as mothers, after the month of Ramadan, are tired of the repetitive appearance of the kitchen, and when the carpets are renewed, they feel joy and desire to achieve more, and do not forget to perfume the bathroom carpets as well.
  6. In the corridors and on the stairs or stairs, you can lay a rectangular carpet that covers the middle of the steps with its decorations that fix it on the steps and so that it does not move by stepping up or down, this movement will give a royal appearance to your home.
  7. Prepare the prayer rugs that the families and children will use when they go to the blessed Eid al-Fitr prayer, by cleaning and scenting them, then folding them in a beautiful creative way, and preparing them in beautiful bags or bags suitable for the atmosphere of Eid and joy, and then finally placing them in a place near the door of the house.

 How to choose the right carpets for Eid Al-Fitr:

Among the many decorations that must be prepared, other than dishes and food, we are confused about the types of carpets that we will acquire and furnish, and we are more confused between its many forms, but we are here to help you whenever you need to choose according to the available budget and weather conditions.

If you are one of those people who renew carpets before the holidays and it is time to renew them, here are these tips when buying Eid carpets:

  1. Be sure to choose bright and cheerful colors, but not completely light, especially if your house is crowded with visitors on holidays, or your visitors are many, and they pass quickly between several visits; In order for them to be able to visit everyone on this day, remember that none of them or most of them will often not take off their shoes when entering, and you will struggle to clean the carpets that you mostly cleaned days before the feast.
  2. Spread the new carpets on a balcony or a clean outdoor place that is not exposed to dirt and dust in order to change their smell and uniqueness and get rid of any bacteria or germs that may have been transferred to them during transportation and because of the hands that dealt with them in preparation, packaging and delivery until they reached you.
  3. Use the same tricks that you used previously for perfuming and giving the house a fragrant and joyful feast, or as it is said in the language of the street, “opening the soul.”
  4. Use some faux fur rugs on serving tables for guests, on side tables, buffet tables, or serving tables; In order to contribute to increasing the aesthetic scene, and to give the guest house or the reception hall a charming Eid Al-Fitr atmosphere.

 Presenting carpets as a beautiful and valuable gift on Eid Al-Fitr

This is another good news. You can present Eid al-Fitr gifts in a more valuable way. Carpets are a distinguished practical gift, and as they say: “You kill two birds with one stone.” You make a deal to buy more than one type of carpet and more than one piece in one purchase, and you can get Considerable discount or reduction, and you will gain the satisfaction of the loved ones and the family to whom you present this gift, and you will feel that you have done something great when you give them a valuable practical gift.

Here are some ideas that will definitely help you choose the people, places, and pieces to give as precious gifts:

  1. In our eastern society, men used to give gifts or “Eidiyas” on Eid Al-Fitr to mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, aunts, and female relatives. We suggest that you provide an alternative to physical or paid Eids in the form of money only. You can present carpets with different pieces. Here are these ideas that may help you:
  • The mother: You can give her a large, valuable carpet measuring 4 * 3 m or larger, depending on the areas of the house in which the mother lives. By doing this, you will make her happy and gain her pleasure and supplication whenever she sees that carpet.
  • Sisters: Married women can be given a gift similar to the mother’s gift, and unmarried women can be given a beautiful carpet that suits the girls’ taste and in their bright and delicate colors to suit their bedrooms, families, or study and work rooms.
  • Children: whether they are girls, nieces, nephews, sisters, or their young sons as well, you can gift them – you can even gift all family members if your capabilities allow it – so you give them nice prayer rugs that are ideal for children and even adults, so you present them with suitable personal prayer rugs with their names embroidered on them, to use them in prayer Eid and even in homes, even if they prefer to hang it as decoration and decoration for the walls.
  • For the rest of the female relatives, such as aunts and aunts, they can be gifted with carpets measuring 2 * 3 meters, or approximately this size.

As for shapes and colors, you can, of course, diversify gifts between traditional shapes: rectangular, round, square, oval, according to the desire of the gifted and according to your knowledge of his taste and needs. Its middle is hollow, star or other shapes available in the market.

Diversify your choices between colors that suit tastes and are in line with popular fashion in furnishings and decorations, and do not forget that tastes differ, so do not choose carpets that you like only, perhaps what you like may not be liked by others who you give them, and vice versa, what they like and suit them may not suit you or you like it, and in the end As the saying goes: “If it weren’t for the difference in tastes, the goods would be gone.”

  1. Eid gifts in the mosque: Have you ever thought about gifting the mosque appropriate pieces of carpets or contributing to the purchase of carpets that cover the floor of the mosque - if your financial capabilities allow or you can also participate with your friends and brothers in achieving this great reward - and you will rejoice the worshipers and those in charge of The mosque.
  2. Prayer rugs are available in most Arab countries for patients and the elderly, and they are padded in a way that protects their knees, legs, and soles of their feet while sitting, prostrating, or standing during prayer. They are often available in multiple places at reasonable prices. They are an ideal gift for the elderly, such as grandmothers, grandfathers, sick relatives, or the elderly. It will also do a lot of good if you provide the mosque with a number of them for the elderly worshipers.


Different tricks to prepare your home carpets for Eid Al-Fitr so that they look like new

Sometimes, in order to cope with the financial conditions, we need to save money on buying and renovating, so we are satisfied with cleaning, or we look for completely inexpensive tricks to use our old furniture and furnishings that are outdated.

We know that it is the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, and it means a lot to you, and we know that there are many visitors, and there is increased affection and family visits between loved ones and friends, so we will suggest some tricks to you if you cannot provide your home with a new carpet that beautifies the place when receiving guests:

  1. Replace carpets between the rooms of the house in particular, which are useful to replace and which feel new and suitable for receiving guests. You will first delude yourself, as well as visitors, that the carpets are new.
  2. There are some beautiful rugs and handmade rugs made of kilim yarns and other good yarns, but they are distinctive and attractive, although they are not expensive. People with limited incomes can renovate their homes and guest reception rooms with them to be furnished in several places, making them feel new and distinguished, especially since their weaving is durable.
  3. There are pieces of very light additional carpets that do not exceed a tenth of the price of new carpets, and you can save and buy them and then spread them over your old original carpets so that they look like new ones, as it is like a Cover for carpets that is specially made with lighter materials than carpet materials, but it is durable and preserves the carpets, then it is Easy to clean and maintain, you can spread it over the carpet during Eid Al-Fitr days.
  4. Prepare a special place for children if they want to sit on the floor and play with their friends and relatives, or open gifts that come to them, or eat sweets and cakes, and direct them to it from the beginning of the day so that they do not have to clean the place dozens of times during the day.

Because Eid is a very special occasion, we take care of the smallest details to increase joy and bring joy to the hearts. You can also be creative as you like in choosing the carpets that you like to give your homes a decent look on this special occasion in the hearts... Happy New Year.




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