Guide: How to choose the right carpet for each room

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Before buying high-quality carpeting for your home, you will need to take some steps, including thinking about the color and style of carpeting that you want.

A pattern may catch your interest, but you do not know whether it is a practical solution or not, and because the practical side is one of the most important things that must be taken into account when choosing carpets, in this article we toured some of the main rooms in the house to offer some tips to inspire you with new ideas for buying.

Choosing the best types of carpets for bedrooms

The bedroom is the main relaxation room in the house, so when you decide to buy a carpet for this room, the choice must be carefully according to the following criteria:

1. Softness

There is no feeling like waking up from sleep and putting your toes on a soft room surface, and there will be nothing softer than adding carpeting to the bedroom, so the main criterion here is softness and not the ability to withstand movement, which helps relaxation and comfort. Therefore, carpeting should be chosen from The twisted type, not knotted , because it is easy to maintain its appearance, while giving you and your child a permanent feeling of softness when walking on it.

It should also be noted that it is necessary to add a new, high-quality pad to support the surface of the carpet and extend its life, and to ensure that you get a superior smoothness.

2. Keep warm

We all want to feel as comfortable as possible when we go to bed and the best way to do that is to use warmer colored carpets in the bedroom.

Choosing the best carpet for the living room

We all want our living rooms to look their best, because it is the space in which we sit with our family and guests, and adding high-quality carpeting can achieve a balance between practicality and elegance, here are some criteria to achieve this:

1. Color coordination

Work on matching the carpet colors with the general decor of the living room, because choosing conflicting and inconsistent colors can spoil the decor completely, and of course this includes coordination with the colors of the walls, the color tones of the furniture and other decor elements in the living room.

2. Practical carpeting

The living room is the most used room, so it is necessary to ensure that it is designed in a practical way without forgetting the element of comfort. Carpets with deep pile are considered the best source of warmth and are difficult to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Use a broom that can change the height of the attachment in contact with the carpeting, or use a type of attachment that works The beater bar collects dirt, in addition to the suction of air by the broom to facilitate the sweeping process.

  • The carpet is very soft with time and becomes flat, so it is necessary to maintain and clean it constantly to ensure its preservation, especially the carpet used in areas with heavy traffic.
  • Avoid using light carpets that are difficult to clean, especially if you have children or pets at home, as short-pile carpets are an excellent and healthier option and are less likely to retain odors.

Choosing carpets for stairs

House corridors and stairs are one of the most used areas in the house, and it is characterized by heavy traffic, so it is preferable to use strong carpeting that can bear these burdens. Placing durable carpeting on the stairs is an ideal solution. Wool is a material that has natural elasticity in its fibers and can be a great choice for stairs .

1. Maintenance

Most of the corridors (especially those in the basement) are exposed daily to things such as water and dirt that are carried by shoes, so avoid using light carpets that are likely to get dirty easily.

Dark-colored carpeting is not an ideal choice because it may also look dirty unless it is cleaned regularly, so use medium-colored carpeting, or decorative carpeting.

2. Durability

We use the corridors daily and constantly all the time, so choosing a carpet that can withstand high traffic will be the best solution. A carpet with wool knots is ideal because it provides flexibility, and it is characterized by a thin, soft and welcoming texture.

Choosing a greenhouse carpet

If you have a sunny garden attached to your home, it would be a good idea to add a comfortable carpet to enjoy in your garden.

Remember that the carpet will be exposed directly to the sun's rays, so the idea of ​​adding a dark carpet is not appropriate, because the color will fade and the carpet will look faded, and the carpet with light shades is an impractical idea, so the carpet with short fibers with a spotted pattern or with an earthy color is an ideal choice .

It is necessary to take into account the various functions of the different rooms in the house and understand the carpeting options before choosing a carpet for each room in the house, so that you can enjoy the advantages of the practicality and elegance of carpeting that it adds to the appearance of your home décor.

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