Criteria for selecting dining table rugs

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The world of carpets and furnishings makes every woman who furnishes her home feel confused about the style, shape, size and colors of each corner in it as a result of the large number of options and because every piece in the house reflects the taste of its owners in front of the guests and the bedroom designated for comfort and tranquility, but what about the dining room? Does the dining room need carpeting? Or is it not easy because this room is prone to spills, read on to find out the most logical answer to that. .

What are the criteria for selecting dining table rugs?

The dining room is a room designated for dining and is near the kitchen and usually consists of a table and several chairs in addition to other pieces of furniture such as a cupboard to place dishes and all other dining equipment. It needs care and attention from the beginning to choose the appropriate carpet colors under the table and the appropriate material from As it is resistant to stains and spills so that the lady of the house does not suffer later from the effort of cleaning and removing all stains later, especially if there are children inside the house.

How to lay the appropriate dining table rugs

The past few years have witnessed a boom in homeowners and builders choosing open spaces and incorporating dining rooms into their homes. This not only makes the space more efficient and multifunctional, but also creates a “shared life”, which means more time with the family. For this reason, homeowners increasingly choose Increasingly carpets as a soft and practical floor at the same time to be added around the house, although carpets were not recommended from a practical point of view in a room such as the dining room, but now the matter has changed, especially with the presence of industrial materials that are used in the manufacture of carpets Here are some criteria needed when choosing the right rugs for the dining room:

1. Choosing the right size dining rug

When choosing a dining room carpet, you should be aware of the appropriate size for it under the table, so that the size of the carpet is 20 to 30 inches larger than the table. If the room is small, then you must be aware of how to balance the distance between the table and the wall so that people sit comfortably. .

2. Use a flat-woven dining rug

Avoid carpeting the dining room from carpets with high or dense pile, which will bother you during cleaning, so you should choose flat or light-pile carpets.

3. Choose the shape and pattern of carpets that are appropriate for the room's décor

Focusing on the shape of the carpet under the dining table is very important to match it with the shape of the room and because it reflects the shape of the table, you can match the carpet with the table available to you, if you have a square dining room, therefore it is preferable that the carpet be square or circular, and rectangular carpets can be used in If the area of ​​the room tends to the rectangular shape.

4. Choosing patterned dining rugs

The carpet design, which is filled with patterns and many colors, is more suitable for such rooms, due to its ability to hide the effects of some spills that may occur while eating.

5. Dining table mat material

Many people who do not prefer using carpets in the dining room choose alternative floors such as wood or porcelain and other hard tiles because they are easy to clean from liquid materials and foods, so polypropylene is chosen as it is ideal for all parts of the house, especially the dining room, kitchen and places most prone to spills and stains. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean, in addition to providing ideal cushioning for the feet, in addition to its soundproofing properties.

How to lay the right dining table rugs

In general, the way to properly place the carpet under the dining table lies in how to coordinate the required carpet with the size and shape of the table so that there is enough space to push and pull the chairs when eating or finishing it without slipping or leaving the furniture outside this frame, taking into account that it is a room carpet Dining is always at least 25 inches apart on all sides after the chairs are in place to create a cool and upscale atmosphere in the room

The correct way to place carpets in the dining room has become clear to you, you can choose what you want from luxurious carpets of all kinds and patterns according to the required material in the way you prefer from Wift Carpet Store and prepare their position in the place according to the previously mentioned standards without suffering from the burdens of cleaning and washing, browse the options suitable for the room your food.


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