Red carpet story - the staple of the Oscars

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By the new year, preparations for the famous Academy Awards ceremony begin in Hollywood, and in this lavish festival, the Hollywood elite arrive to walk the red carpet as they enter the ceremony honoring the best among the best in the film industry. The carpet is woven within the history and scene of the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, So what is her story?

To begin with, the seduction and allure of the red carpet comes from the color itself, which is closely associated with humans. Red, blue and green are considered to be one of the primary colors, and we can find many shades of red in nature; In animals, plants, rocks, and sand, and sometimes at sunrise or sunset.

The Oscars red carpet

The color red and the Oscars carpet

The red color is associated with a long history with humans, because it is one of the first colors that were used in prehistoric art, and it was the first color that ancient civilizations learned to manufacture, reproduce, and then mix in different shades, it was used in paintings and later in the manufacture of dyes, and the Egyptians and Mayans used it on Their faces in celebrations, and Roman generals covered their faces and bodies in red when celebrating victories in battle.

In ancient Greece, reference was made for the first time to the red carpet in the Greek tragedy "Agamemnon" written by Aeschylus in 458 BC, where the hero returns victorious from the Trojan War and his wife Clytemnestra welcomes him into the house, by spreading a red carpet so that his feet do not touch the ground. , but Agamemnon hesitates to walk on it because he knows that this honor is only given to the gods, and in the end Agamemnon becomes a symbol of betrayal and death, and the color of the carpet will represent his blood, not his victory.

Agamemnon walks the red carpet of Clytemnestra

The import of materials for the manufacture of red dyes in ancient civilizations such as Egypt was expensive, which forced them to use color in moderation, and the red color acquired greater importance in Rome as the color used by the army and citizens in ceremonies and victories, and this prestigious position of red carpets and clothes continued over the centuries, and by During the Renaissance, these objects became symbols of the wealthy (clerics, merchants, and rulers).

Red oriental carpets appeared in artistic paintings, and carpets were used as backgrounds and to cover furniture in these works of art. During the Renaissance, nobles and wealthy people wore unusual red clothes, and carpets were placed under their feet on stairs or on a platform, so red carpets gained their reputation as a symbol of strength. and wealth in Europe.

The importance of red carpets and the color continued even as Europeans settled in the New World. The community of Georgetown, South Carolina, is said to have rolled out a red carpet for President James Monroe upon his riverboat arrival in 1821. Thick scarlet red carpets were used in 1902 by the Central Railroad in New York as passengers board the 20th Century Limited, and these examples are potential origins for the "red carpet" rollout.

The red carpet made its way across the United States and the oldest known use of it in Hollywood was during the opening of Grauman's Egyptian Theater in 1922. In that year, the Egyptian Theater hosted the first showing of a Hollywood movie (Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks). Symbolizes him, the new royal family of Hollywood.

Maximilian Schell, Bob Hope and Greer Garson at the Academy Awards / 1st Academy Awards on the red carpet in 1961

However, the red carpet had to wait 39 years before landing in her new home.

Oscars red carpet history

Although the Academy Awards ceremony has been televised since 1953, the red carpet was not used at the Academy Awards ceremony until 1961. On April 17 of that year, the red carpet was used for the first time at the Academy Awards at Santa Monica Ballroom. Civic Auditorium, and by the time Bob Hope hosted the 38th Academy Awards for the first time in color in 1966 the red carpet had become an integral part of the circumstances and pageantry surrounding the Academy Awards.

The red carpet has gained status equal to the Oscars in its own right since then, especially when guests disembark and show off their costumes on the carpet, where designers can show off their latest creations and designs worn by Hollywood's elite.

Red carpet debut at the Oscars - 38th Academy Awards in 1966

Not only has the red carpet been used at the Academy Awards, but it has also inspired other entertainment awards ceremonies, with a special blue carpet used at the MTV Video Music Awards and Nickelodeon using an orange carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards.

There may be other entertainment celebrations that use other colors of carpets, but the red carpet will forever be the most famous and distinctive.

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