Simplified explanation: What does printed carpet mean?


Simplified explanation: What does printed carpet mean?

Technologia mixed with art, and it was one of the fruits of the merger: the printed carpets! Let's go back a little bit 40 years ago, when printing technology appeared in the carpet industry for the first time. Since that time, decades of technical improvement and development of the design capabilities have passed until now we have reached that you can have a carpet of your own unique design that may bear your name or even the anime that your child prefers!

Over the years, we have become accustomed to paying attention to criteria such as quality, thickness, comfort, and style, but what if we look at criteria such as freedom of design, speed of completion, and process of use? For this reason, the concept of printed carpets emerged and developed. The task of this article is to explain it in a simple way.


  • What is printed carpet?
  • Advantages of printed carpet
  • What are the disadvantages of printed carpets?
  • Types of printed carpets
  • What are the uses of printed carpet?
  • What is printed carpet?

    Printed carpets are carpets that are woven from uncolored yarns and then the design is printed on the entire surface of the carpet. The manufacture of this type of carpet relies on technology in coloring instead of using dozens of colored thread spools. This means that the color dye is chemically attached to the uncolored yarn, reaching the top layer of the yarn only without being completely saturated with it, as is the case in traditional carpets.

    Many types of fibers are involved in the manufacture of this type of carpet. It may be made of polyester, which is the most common material. It may be made of wool, nylon, or velor. It has great flexibility in available shapes and sizes, so it can come in small sizes suitable for limited interior spaces, and it may come in Huge sizes suitable for open spaces, such as trade fairs.

    However, the most important thing that makes the printed carpet unique is the unlimited number of colors for each design, the great accuracy, and the perfect match between the colors of the carpet and the colors of the original design according to which it was printed.

    Printed carpets depend on the trio of digitization, mechanics, and chemistry. Specialized printers are used in carpet printing. The carpet is installed on it when the printing process is performed, so the design comes out very accurate. It is also based on the CMYK color model technology that is used in digital image printing.

    As for the dyeing method, it is by injection system, as the raw material from which the carpet is made is injected with the required colors without any restriction on the amount of color and the accuracy of the image. An important consideration while printing is for the image to be of high resolution so that the rug does not come out in poor quality.

    Advantages of printed carpet

    Printed carpets are still a mysterious technology for many, who are ignorant of its advantages that make it a technology capable of continuing and growing. Here are 4 advantages of printed carpets:

    1. Superior and customized design capabilities

    It is the strongest feature unique to printed carpets, as the digital control of the pattern enables the implementation of amazing designs that are difficult to implement in ordinary carpets. This means that you are not limited to the designs implemented by the manufacturer, but rather you can choose the design you want to be engraved in a carpet made especially for you.

    1. Unlimited color options

    Printed carpets have a variety of color options that are not available in other carpet dyeing methods, as digital printing allows for great color accuracy of colors and their shades. So whether you want specific colors that represent your company's brand colors or represent a subtle color palette that you've inspired for your home, printed rugs are the only way these technical capabilities are available.

    1. Speed ​​up the work

    In addition to the efficiency of design and colors, printed carpets have another advantage, which is the speed of completion, as your request is fulfilled in less time than the usual time for making a regular carpet and the subsequent waiting for the required yarn colors to be available. Digitization enables the dyeing process to be completed in record time, which means that if you need to get your carpet quickly, printed carpets are the right choice.

    1. Durability and ease of cleaning

    Printed carpets rely less on the dense pile used in regular carpets, so they are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas because they can withstand repeated pressure and are easy to clean due to their thinness. Some may think that it is easy to slide, but it is often added to it with gel foam support or double strips to facilitate its installation and to keep it in place.

    Disadvantages of printed carpet

    It cannot be said that the printed carpet is comparable to the regular carpet in terms of color saturation, nor that it carries the same comfortable texture, nor can it be said that it is longer-lived than it. On the contrary, unless the manufacturer states that the color dye used tolerates common cleaning products, its colors will be It is prone to losing its luster over time, and its thin thickness makes it less comfortable compared to the dense pile of regular carpets that sink into underfoot.

    Types of printed carpets

    In light of the multiplicity of dyeing techniques for printed carpets, more than one type has emerged, but we will now refer to the two most popular and widespread types, highlighting them:

    • Ready-made printed carpet

    This type of printed carpet is sold in places selling ordinary carpets as a distinct category of carpet, and it is marketed on the basis that it combines elegant design and practical use, it may come with elegant classic designs, but its price is appropriate compared to the original classic pieces that are expensive, and it may also come with a design Exotic in terms of color or pattern taking advantage of the wide design possibilities offered by printing.

    The most important characteristic of this type of carpet is its ease of cleaning due to the thinness of its pile, as its thickness does not exceed 0.75 cm. Therefore, dust and dirt do not sink into it and it is easy to wash it without the need to resort to professionals in carpet care. These advantages make it a suitable choice for homes with children or pets such as cats.

    • Custom printed rugs

    This type of printed carpet is produced based on a prior request from the customer, as the customer chooses the design he desires either from the company's catalog or brings a high-quality digital image of the design he desires. These images come in different formats for example PDF, JPEG, PSD or TIF format. The customer may obtain a trial sample before making the entire carpet in order to be assured of the results, then a date will be set to receive the carpet piece after determining the required sizes and the number of pieces.

    What are the uses of printed carpet?

    Printed carpets benefit from two main categories of customers: homeowners with a unique taste that regular carpet collections do not meet, and companies and institutions of all kinds for the purpose of marketing their business. Below we discuss both purposes.

    First: decorating the house

    If we can customize mugs, wall plates, serving trays, and t-shirts with our own designs, why not do the same for rugs? Printed rugs are the perfect satiation of this need. It can solve common challenges that some people face in designing their home décor, for example:

    • Selective taste: Selective taste exhausts its owner because he may spend hours and hours searching for a piece of carpet that captures his mind and heart, but to no avail. Among the dozens of pieces he sees on online rug sites, he may not find what he needs just yet. It is for such people that printed carpets were created.
    • Renovating the current appearance: You may feel the desire to renew the appearance of one of the rooms while keeping most of its elements unchanged, for example furniture, accessories and wall paint, perhaps because of the high cost of renewing all these components together, or because of their high value to you as you prefer not to waste them.

    In this case, printed carpets seem to be an ideal solution to renew the appearance, as it allows the placement of a custom carpet whose colors match the colors of the current components of the room. Whatever the quality of the place, whether it is an external place, such as the garden, or internally, such as the bedroom; The various sizes that the printed rugs come in will make it easy to place them in any space you desire.

    • A gift for a dear person: Imagine that your friend remembers you with a carpet in front of him all the time that occupies a fair amount of space in his room, a unique gift idea for sure! You can customize the gift rug with any design that you think is relevant to the gifted person, for example, a painting he likes, a place he would like to visit, an expected happy event, and it may be the subject of a children's rug inspired by your child's favorite anime .

    Second: marketing

    Printed carpets represent a marketing boom for companies, so far from traditional advertising tools such as roll-ups, banners, and others, printed carpets come as a distinctive way of advertising in important commercial events and exhibitions, because it is good at exploiting the floor, which is often an empty, neglected and unused space, so it benefits from its vastness and being an empty space Any beautiful design that appears on top of it will immediately attract attention.

    The printed carpet transforms the large empty space into a personalized digitally printed advertisement, which immediately catches everyone's eye because they walk on it and touch it with their feet, so the carpet becomes an event in itself. The shelf life of this type of carpet varies according to the nature of manufacturing, some of them are short-term and do not retain their luster for more than several months, and others are designed for long-term uses and remain usable for up to 5 years, and the large sizes of them do not constitute a challenge.

    Some of the carpet sizes of this type, which is called "exhibition carpet", reach approximately 2 meters * 150 meters. In order to facilitate its production and transportation, carpets are laser cut into smaller tiles, which are grouped together to form any size required for the carpet. In addition, exhibition carpets can come with a rubber backing to prevent slipping, and they may also come in any non-standard shape except for rectangular and circular carpets , as It can take the form of a non-winding road or any other irregular shape.

    The use of printed carpets for commercial purposes will not be practical unless cleaning and heavy traffic are taken into account, so manufacturing techniques have evolved so that it is possible to wash them with shampoo or steam to keep them clean without negatively affecting the design once washed, and it is also durable to withstand high-use areas .


    Printed carpets sometimes represent a single solution to a serious design challenge that has long exhausted you with the search for how to overcome it, and at other times it may represent an interesting new idea worth trying. Think of printed carpets as a new tool to achieve your practical and aesthetic requirements at home or in the company, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, study the different options well, and then make the most appropriate decision for you.

    Does the future hold more new technologies in printed carpets? The answer is probably yes, let's wait a bit and see!




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