How to choose the right carpet for narrow spaces

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Furnishing the house in the entrances and corridors is a very important step because it creates the first impression on visitors because it is the most used corner compared to the rooms, the kitchen and other corners, as it is buzzing with movement back and forth, so you have to know how to choose the appropriate carpet in the corridors and the most vital spaces in the house such as the council room and the reception despite the large number Details, but you can avoid all the accompanying complications by reading the following article so that it is easier and smoother

How to choose the right carpet for hallways

There are currently available in the market the so-called rugs, i.e.carpets for longitudinal passages , often times the length of their width, and they are placed in narrow corridors, stairs, entrances and some other spaces according to the design of the house. They take the form of thin rectangular carpets and may come in other shapes, either oval or otherwise, depending on the style.

As much as the variety of the regular carpet collections, the carpet rugs collections are similarly varied, as they come with many beautiful designs to suit all tastes. These rugs are often sold as one within one of the sizes of regular carpets, meaning that the single carpet comes in many sizes, including the size of the corridor carpets. This makes it easy to combine the room carpet and the corridor carpet overlooking it, which have the same design together. There is no doubt that this will lead to coordinating the entrance of the house with Furniture together in the whole place.

The designers of the corridor carpets created a variety of different shapes that suit all needs as a result of the multiplicity of places that can occupy them. Exposure to adequate lighting.

The carpet mats come made up of different materials, each material has its advantages and disadvantages, including what is included in the manufacture of wool, and it is one of the popular options because it is comfortable and has a luxurious appearance. It is preferable to clean it with a specialist because it requires some effort. Less durable than woolen turbans, while the rarest type is hand-made turbans that were made by skilled craftsmen without any intervention by machines. They come at exorbitant prices due to their high value and authenticity.

The importance of choosing the right carpet in narrow spaces

The importance of runners goes beyond simply cushioning an empty space with a rug as a complementary piece, below we explain the common reasons why runners are an indispensable piece for every home:

1. Protect the floor

Corridors and entrances are the floors that are most susceptible to damage due to the continuous movement of traffic entering and leaving them. This means that they are the areas that most need protection so that they do not lose their splendor with the passage of time, which is the role in which the importance of longitudinal carpets lies. As for the floors that have already been damaged over time, you can hide them Easily with carpets for hallways in a shape that suits your taste and interior decoration, thus you will hide traces of wear and old stains that are difficult to get rid of.

2. Comfortable and safe soundproof fabric

Enjoy more warmth and softness under your feet thanks to the luxurious fabric, which is characterized by its softness and protect your family members, especially children, from the risk of slipping on soft floors or coldness in winter periods, and it also reduces the noise level through the sound insulation feature outside the bedroom and offices, which are the places that need the most Calm.

3. Beautify the place

Usually, we do not have needs from the long roads of the house, except that they are narrow and small spaces, so we tend to decorate them through the floor extensions because the regular large carpets, whether rectangular or square, are not suitable for these longitudinal spaces, but the extensions are the most suitable rug for them, so carpets are used Corridors to decorate and beautify the decor and transform it from a dull appearance to another lively and colorful one, especially if the carpet has bright colors or complex patterns.

4. Guide guests

Madads are a clever way to guide guests in the house towards designated areas, for example when they are added to the corridor leading to the guest bathroom and end immediately after it, it leads the mind to think about the destination that awaits it at the end of the rug, so it recognizes it more easily.

How to determine the ideal corridor rug size?

One of the most common questions asked by housewives is, "How can I measure the area of ​​the corridor and determine the ideal size of the carpet that I want to buy?"

When you are in the process of determining the appropriate size, calculate the length and width of the corridor, then choose a size that leaves at least 10 centimeters of the floor visible on all four sides so that the carpet does not touch the walls of the corridor, and the wider the area of ​​​​the corridor, the greater the area that should appear on the floor. Now you have two options on how to choose the right carpet in terms of space:

The first: The ideal length is to place a corridor carpet that reaches the entire edge of the door frame overlooking the corridor, so as to ensure that whoever enters or exits steps on the carpet.
The second: to put an extension in the middle of the corridor that does not cover most of the length of the corridor, but highlights its rectangular shape.

The purpose of restricting the options to these two options is to avoid placing a corridor carpet that interferes with the room adjacent to the corridor, or to cover only half of the edge of the door overlooking the corridor, in which case the carpet size appears shorter than required and gives an incomplete appearance.

How to choose carpets in the following spaces?

1. Doorways

As for the entrances, they are the space that is often spacious but smaller than the other rooms, and therefore they are the least concerned by the belief of the house owners that nothing can be done about them, and therefore you must choose an appropriate period in an elegant and attractive entrance for the guests and expresses the extent of the elegance of the house and the sophistication of its people and gives them a feeling You are welcome.

2. Bedrooms

When you wake up from sleep and put your feet on a soft, comfortable carpet, it is a pleasant feeling, no doubt, but the challenge we face when placing a regular carpet in the bedroom is that a large part of it will disappear under the bed. For this reason, the bedspreads seem to be a suitable solution in the bedroom, because their long and narrow shape makes them the perfect piece for this small space next to the bed.

You can also place them on the sides of the bed or at the end of the bed to fill in the space gap there, and you can also put one corridor rug only on the side that leads out of the room, luckily this will help you get off the correct side of the bed too every time!

3. The kitchen

The kitchen is characterized by solid lines for the surfaces of appliances and cabinets, and colors that are often earthy, neutral, metallic, or black. Carpet rugs can address this harsh appearance and add warmth and intimacy to the place.
No matter how small the floor area that needs to be covered in the kitchen and no matter how strange the dimensions may seem, the wide variety of sizes of these extensions will make finding the right piece for the kitchen easy.
The treads can be placed between the cabinets and the table in the middle of the kitchen, so they are ideal for covering those long and narrow areas of the exposed floor and giving them personality and color.

4. Stairs

Stairs look elegant in themselves, but they can be dangerous because of the possibility of slipping if the feet are bare. The runners add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and luxury if the appropriate carpet is chosen, but more importantly, they provide safety and comfort when going up and down and also preserve the stairs.

Stairs need treads of a special size, in which the length is multiplied by several times the width, depending on the length of the stairs. However, it is necessary to pay attention to properly fixing the carpet on the surface of the stairs so that the carpet itself does not slip and danger becomes imminent when walking on it.

These were quick highlights on how to choose bedroom carpets for narrow spaces, in addition to the entrance, kitchen, and all other spaces. You can shop with confidence and buy the most suitable for your taste and general decor from the Wift carpet online store, with the perfect size for your desired spaces.


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