5 preferences with tips on how to get the right decor

كيفية اختيار ديكور المنزل

In your search for a way to obtain suitable décor, many channels and many specialized newspapers have turned around. People now rely on the famous interior design sites, and on specialized communication platforms such as Instagram to get ideas about decoration. Instagram is a great source for high-quality images, which Captured in an elegant artistic style.

There has to be a balance in our sources of inspiration, that way you'll stay fresh and varied in terms of overall design..

So, which is your favorite in the following group:

We've been talking about how the mix of old traditional and tribal rugs works so well with modern furniture, mainly because it has high contrast and creates visual appeal, and this is one of those surefire tips for a great design.

In a neutral or monochromatic space, adding a bit of visual appeal with a rug gives the room some visual depth in a harmonious look, as everything blends together making it hard for the eye to blink, so you'll enjoy it more.

The great thing about one-of-a-kind rugs is that you can mix and match however you want because each is a self-contained work of art, it's their beauty and uniqueness that makes them work well, not their color or pattern.

Combine them all with the rug, you won't be able to find a better match, notice how the rug makes the space one cohesive design, it's a sight to behold!

Mix It Together: Combining elements of different styles is a surefire way to create your own look that is rooted in the things you love rather than the things that are "going on trend", if you consistently choose things that you like, they will naturally blend together because your eye is usually drawn to things that share similar features but don't look the same, trust your taste and choose what you like instead of what you think you "should" choose.


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