Heavy Duty Rugs: How to Choose the Best Kids Rug

فرش لغرف الاطفال: اختيار مثالي للراحة والإبداع

Heavy Duty Rugs: How to Choose the Best Kids Rug

Kids are so mobile and messy, their rooms need kids rugs that can withstand a variety of activities from playing and rolling to painting on the floor to having a snack or reading a good book. So, what are the specifications required for a rug that will hold up to a lot of stains and be stylish at the same time? We discuss this challenge in detail in the following lines.

How to choose suitable baby rugs

Parents want to choose the best alternatives for their children, even when choosing a carpet for their room, they are keen to make it the perfect carpet, whether in terms of softness and comfort, or in terms of a fun design that reflects the vitality of the little ones. Here are some factors to consider while choosing a suitable baby rug:

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Where you will place the rug is the first factor you should consider before purchasing baby rugs. Think about the position a rug occupies on the floor, which in turn affects its size and the shape of its outer frame. Here are scenarios for the placement of the most common carpets in children's rooms:

  • The bed occupies one of the corners right next to the wall, and at its head there is a small closet. The carpet will be located starting from the last third under the bed, extending outside without entering under the sofa.
  • The bed occupies one of the corners directly next to the wall, as in the previous example, but it is adjacent to a large wardrobe at the head. In this case, the carpet will occupy the space next to the bed and directly facing the wardrobe. The carpet may take a rectangular shape, and it may take a circular shape if the room is small.
  • The bed is in the middle of the room and is flanked by two small cupboards at the head on either side. The rug will fit just below the center of the bed and extends outward at the sides and end.
  • Another scenario for small rooms is to choose a small circular rug on one of the free sides.

carpet size

Choosing a rug size depends largely on the size of the bed and the size of the room. Here are some helpful tips when choosing the size of a rug for children’s rooms. Choose what best suits your space and your personal preferences:

  • How wide will the carpet be for children to play? If it is their preferred space for playing games then it should be large enough to embrace the vigor and activity of free play.
  • If the room contains two beds, a carpet extended is a suitable option to occupy the narrow empty space between them.
  • Think about what role you would prefer the rug to play? Do you want it to fill a room or be a decorative piece that accentuates a small space like a play tent or a reading nook? The first option calls for choosing an oversized rug and the second option calls for the opposite.
  • If you care about warmth as the main function of the rug, make sure that it is large enough to cover the bottom two-thirds of the bed on all sides (right, left and end) so that little feet can land on it when getting in or out of the bed.
  • If the budget allocated to buying children's rugs is large, it is better to invest in buying large-sized rugs, as the largest rugs in children's rooms are always better.
  • If the budget for buying children's rugs is limited, consider rugs as a reasonable alternative to regular rugs in children's rooms. You can buy rugs for each side of the bed or only for one side if the bed is directly adjacent to the wall. Extruders are characterized by their reasonable price, numerous designs, and ease of movement for sweeping or mopping.
  • Cleaning under the cabinets is a challenge in most cases, if you suffer from this matter, choose a suitable size so that the rug stands before the small cabinets on both sides of the bed and does not go under it, so you will not have to move these heavy weight pieces of furniture to clean under them.

carpet design

The design of the carpet complements the taste of the decor in the children's room as a whole, it may emphasize the bold personality of the furniture choices, or it may be a soft and delicate addition to a dreamy style. Fortunately, children's rugs come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste. Consider these considerations while choosing a suitable rug design for your child's room:

  1. If the room's furniture contains a lot of colors and shapes, choose children's carpets with neutral colors, such as gray carpets in shades and beige carpets as well .
  2. If the colors of the room’s furniture are mostly neutral, then there is an opportunity to choose bright colors and fun designs for the children’s room carpets that will add visual appeal to the mostly neutral style. In this case, you can involve your child in choosing the carpet freely according to his taste and preferred shapes.
  3. Reflect your child's personality in the design of the carpet, for example if he loves swimming, create a marine atmosphere in his room with a beachy taste, by choosing a blue and white carpet while introducing other shades of blue in the room components such as curtains and wall paint. But if he is fond of the sky with a dream of becoming an astronaut, then choose a carpet studded with stars and draw the planets on the wall in a “stencil” way, so he feels as if he is swimming among the galaxies.


manufacturing materials

The material from which the carpet is made is one of the important factors that contribute to choosing the right piece for your child’s room, because the nature of the child’s daily activity means hard use of the carpet, where food and drink spills, fast-adhesive clay pieces, and playing with fast-wheeled cars that the lint may stick to, so the carpet Suitable is the most durable and easiest to clean rug. Below we review the most prominent materials from which carpets are made and to what extent they are suitable for children’s rooms:

First: polyester

It is the most common material in the manufacture of carpets. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it is an environmentally friendly product. Polyester rugs are affordable and come in endless styles and colours. It is characterized by its medium thickness, corrosion resistance and severe stain tolerance, which makes it an ideal choice in the nursery of many mothers.

Second: wool

It is the king of natural materials from which carpets are made. It is characterized by durability and long life, in addition to the soft texture and easy-to-clean texture. You may be bothered by the wool shedding the first time you put the rug on, but vacuuming it a few times will stop the shedding.

Third: cotton

The carpet made of cotton is characterized by its thin thickness and light weight, and it is sometimes double-sided, so that it is suitable to turn the carpet on the other side if the first side is exposed to a difficult spot on your little one. Cotton is the softest fabric, so it is suitable for playing with cars and dolls, because it is free of small hairs that may get tangled with toys. However, its thinness does not make it comfortable to lie down for a long time, so it is not suitable for a reading corner, for example, where the child sits on the floor to read.


Fourth: artificial fur

Although shaggy carpets made of artificial fur are widely popular with many people, the children's room is not a suitable place at all for this type of carpet, due to the fact that fur carpets are difficult to clean and require great care to maintain.

For example, the vacuum cleaner alone is not sufficient to clean the carpet, as it must be shaken well and turned on its back in order for the dust that lies in its depths to fall off, in addition to that it needs to be used lightly so that food residues or small cubes do not accumulate between its long hairs.

If you like the look or feel of one of the fur rugs and want to acquire it for the children's room, place it in one of the corners of the room that is not a center for the child's activity. The reading corner, for example, is an ideal choice for the fur rug to occupy.

How to keep children's rugs for as long as possible

Talking about children's carpets will not be complete without mentioning how to care for and clean them, as it is the most difficult type of carpet to protect, especially if your little one is an infant or a child who is very mobile and active. The following are a set of practices that will contribute to preserving children's carpets for as long as possible:

  1. Use the vacuum cleaner frequently

Cleaning dust and debris periodically prevents the carpet from sticking to it and then becomes difficult to clean, so be sure to clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner frequently, at least twice a week, and may increase as needed. Adjust the vacuum to the carpet position and choose the highest suction power to ensure that the air penetrates strongly into the fabric and then cleans it deeply. To ensure the best performance of the vacuum cleaner, clean its inner bag regularly.

  1. Wash the entire carpet regularly

The best material for cleaning children's carpets is carpet shampoo. Follow the instructions for use when purchasing it, and use a sponge to gently clean the surface of the carpet to remove any stains stuck in the fibers.

  1. Remove stains immediately

Children's rugs need special treatment when they get a sudden stain, simply because this happens a lot with kids around! Therefore, the stain should not be left for hours or even days and then cleaned in the process of periodic cleaning, as the stain is dried and becomes more difficult to remove. Instead, get rid of it immediately using a damp cloth, and do not rush to rub the stain as this may lead to the spread of the stain on the surface or deep into the carpet. Instead, wipe it gently and repeatedly until it is completely gone.

  1. Avoid hot water

Hot water has a great ability to remove deep stains, which makes it an essential ingredient for many mothers while cleaning the carpet. However, it may damage the fabric of the carpet, especially if it is made of thin fabrics such as cotton or rayon.

  1. Use sippy cups

For a child to walk around with a cup of juice that he prefers is a common occurrence, with the possibility that this may fall on the carpet while playing or because of his young age. The solution to this problem is to buy anti-sippy cups. Research well before buying to ensure its quality and effectiveness, and once you find a reliable brand, buy more than one cup to ensure a clean cup while the other one still needs washing.


Young children innocently leave behind chaos everywhere they go, and the lion's share is for their own room, so children's rugs need special attention, whether during choosing the right piece or after purchasing it and maintaining it for as long as possible in good condition. Although parents know very well what is most suitable for their children, placing a carpet in the children's room requires some thought and calculations. We hope that the article helped you feel more confident while decorating your child's room with the appropriate carpet.










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