Tips for buying durable carpeting for high-use spaces

نصائح لشراء سجاد متين للمساحات عالية الإستخدام

One of the most important factors that you should consider when purchasing a new carpet is its durability, and its ability to resist wear and tear.

In fact, not all rugs are woven or made with the issue of prolonged use or heavy traffic in mind. Some rugs hold up better than others over time, and the relative durability of rugs depends on several factors, including: wool quality, weave strength, The general condition of the carpet when it was purchased.

What are the factors determining carpet durability?

  • Material (wool): The material from which the carpet is made is one of the most important factors that control the durability of the carpet. A carpet made of wool rich in lanolin, for example, is a shiny and healthy wet wool, and it withstands friction and traffic better than a carpet made of dry, brittle and dull wool. .
  • Knot Density: Rugs with a high knot density can be strong, and can stand up to heavy foot traffic, better than loosely woven, floppy carpets, regardless of the overall quality of the wool with which the rug is woven.
  • Pile or thread height: On the other hand, antique rugs that are densely woven from fine wool can withstand a greater amount of foot traffic, but the best option is to use antique pieces with a low pile in an area with a lower volume of daily foot traffic.
  • If you are having a problem with the durability of your rug, it is important to check the quality of the wool, its density, and the pile depth no matter how old your rug is. On the other hand, not all modern, newly woven rugs are automatically durable.
  • Place: The place where you will put the rug is of utmost importance, whether it is an antique or a modern rug. Determine the average amount of foot traffic in that place so that you can determine whether that space really needs a durable rug or adding a light piece that you like can be enough.

Buying durable carpets for areas with heavy traffic is essential. However, you may not have enough experience to distinguish whether the carpet is durable or not. Here, you should ask the carpet seller before purchasing the carpet about the durability of the chosen piece and make sure to obtain the specific information before purchasing. carpet.

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