Eclectic interior design style

نمط التصميم الداخلي الانتقائي

A variety of businesses, furnishings, and architecture can create a home that is both simple and full of energy.

“Eclectic style combines elements of at least two decorating styles, and the beauty of an eclectically decorated home is that it doesn’t stick to just one main style, but gives you the opportunity to get creative by incorporating other styles.” Georgina Devereaux, Medley Decorator

Portland-based designer Angela Todd recommends the following tip: "Try the 60%, 30%, 10% formula when implementing eclectic design in a space... To determine your style ratio, start with the architecture in your room (60%), try to use what you like." More in 10% of the method."

Combine old, new and modern with traditional influences, as well as many different ones and the result is something very original and beautiful.

Eclectic is the term used to describe a style that includes a little bit of almost everything, from traditional furniture to antiques to modern art, the possibilities are endless in fact, and oftentimes there will also be the possibility to add a bit of personal style. Either through the interesting things on display, or the use of bold colours, it takes some skill to understand what will actually fit together, and even if the essence of each element's styles is vastly different, the rules and principles of design still apply, but in a very abstract way. ".

"Eclectic design purposefully involves combining so-called contrasting elements such as modern and traditional pieces, under the logic of 'anything goes.' However, it is critical that one stays true to the basic principles, such as size, form, balance, and harmony."

Although eclectic decor is warm and welcoming, design can often be challenging, and this style can be implemented effectively if design principles are understood, namely: line, color, texture, proportion, and form.

What styles would you like to combine for an eclectic design scheme? Do you have questions about how to achieve your favorite decor design?

[Translated by adaptation from the website ]


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