12 inspiring ideas on how to lay bedroom rugs


12 inspiring ideas on how to lay bedroom rugs

That early morning when you wake up from a deep sleep needs a comfortable carpet that provides your feet with a soft ground to get off. This does not mean that this is its only mission, but rather that bedroom carpets play another important role in decorating the place and adding beauty and elegance to this warm room that we all love. . To make sure you're getting the right rug for your bedroom, keep reading to learn more about bedroom rugs.

Basic rules when choosing the size of bedroom rugs

The bedroom is characterized by many pieces of furniture of varying size, and in light of the variety of room sizes, it is not possible to recommend fixed sizes. To solve the challenge of choosing the size of bedroom rugs, learn the following basic guidelines to guide you in choosing the right size:

  • The most appropriate place to place rugs in the standard arrangement of the bedroom - with the bed in the middle flanked on either side by two wardrobes - is to place rugs under the bed. Here, you have two options, depending on your budget:

Option 1: If the budget is large, buy large rugs so that you put the bed and all the furniture completely on the rug, including wardrobes, chairs, etc. To determine the size of the rug, calculate the length and width of the entire room, then subtract at least 20 cm from the dimensions, leaving some space between the edge of the rug and the walls.

The second option: If you prefer to save a little on the budget, buy a medium size rug, so that it enters the bottom two-thirds or one-third of the area of ​​​​the bed. Place the rug perpendicular to the bed, ensuring that it extends outwards from both sides, with sufficient space to provide a soft landing when waking up. Place the side cabinets on the floor and make sure there is space between them and the edge of the rug to keep the cabinets level so they don't wobble or feel unbalanced.

  • If you don't want to hide part of the rug under the bed, or if the bedroom is small, or the bed is in a corner, and there isn't enough room for a full-size rug, buy two-piece corridor rugs on either side of the bed. Choose the sizes of the runners so that their width is slightly wider than the width of the side cabinets and the length extends from the front legs of the cabinets to the exact end of the bed. You may need to order a custom size so that it will fit your space precisely.
  • Any other seating area in the room needs rugs to make it look complete, for example a reading nook or desk.
  • For safety reasons, to prevent you from tripping, and to keep the edges of the rug straight, always choose a rug large enough to slide under a wardrobe or other large piece of furniture, or choose a rug small enough to leave about 8 cm of floor visible between the edge of the rug and the piece of furniture.
  • Use tape or a bed sheet to measure your rug size. This method will help you to accurately visualize the rug in the bedroom leading to a perfect fit before you buy.

What about materials and designs?

The bedroom is your sanctuary to rest from the pressures of the day, so it often receives special attention in coordinating the decor, and bedroom carpets are an essential part of it. We give you the following suggestions on designs and materials:

First: the designs

To add some attractiveness to the room's decor, make sure that the bedroom carpets contrast with the rest of the decor. For example, if the bedspread is plain, choose a patterned carpet that increases the vitality of the overall look of the room, and vice versa, if the bedspread is patterned, choose a plain carpet or a simple design to highlight the beauty of the bed patterns.

An important consideration should be noted here, which is to be careful to choose neutral carpet colors - shades of white, black, gray, silver, gold, ivory and beige - if the bedroom carpets are very large, in order to maintain the calmness of the general appearance of the place.

In addition to the above, you can place an antique oriental carpet, for example, in the bedroom in order to give the decor a luxury and warmth that is not provided by any other type of carpet, as in the previous picture.

Second: raw materials

Since the bedroom doesn't get a lot of traffic and may be the only space in which you walk barefoot, it's the perfect place for high-pile, deep or even uneven rugs as well as upscale shag rugs and silk rugs with a reflective sheen.

This means that wool and silk are suitable materials to be included in the components of the carpet, but for carpets made of silk in particular, despite its extreme elegance, it is preferable to place it in a small area of ​​the bedroom due to its poor resistance to stains.

In contrast to silk, carpets made of polypropylene seem to be a more durable and economical choice for the bedroom, especially since polypropylene is the most common material in the manufacture of carpets, which means that it comes in a variety of designs and is also good for stain resistance.

But if you are in the process of choosing children’s carpets to put in the children’s bedroom, be sure of their durability before anything else, and choose a flat carpet so that dust and dirt do not accumulate inside, and it is easier to clean.

12 inspiring ideas on how to style bedroom rugs

If you feel that coordinating bedroom rugs is a challenge, read the following inspiring ideas to turn it into a fun challenge:

  1. Weird shapes sometimes work

This idea is a solution to the nature of some bedrooms with a difficult or irregular design, for example, the ceiling may be inclined in one of the corners, or one of the corners of the room may come in the form of an acute angle. Irregular shaped carpets (neither round nor square nor rectangular) blend well with this type of room as it softens the irregular lines of the room.

  1. Reflect the room's colors in the rugs

Carpets can be a great element to enhance the home décor inspiration when it comes into contact with it. For example, choose carpets that include colors inspired by wall paint and bed linen. This will make the entire bedroom from walls to floor harmonious and cohesive in design.

  1. Make it a soft piece in a harsh decor

If the bedroom is devoid of colors, its finishes are slick, its floors are stone-type, or its walls are dark, then the room needs an element that gives a touch of softness to the place, which is the role of the carpet. For this harsh decoration, choose a carpet with a comfortable design made of wool, silk, or nylon. .

  1. Only one side may suffice

If you do not prefer the placement of carpets in the bedroom that we referred to, you can simply place a carpet next to the bed on the side that you are used to going down to, as in the previous picture. To enhance the beauty of the room, make sure to choose a rug design that matches the overall bedroom design style. For example, if the decor is modern, choose modern carpets, and if the decor is traditional, choose classic carpets.

  1. Deal with floor problems

When you have to live with carpeting that you do not like, which is installed from wall to wall, if you are a renter, for example, you can get out of this impasse by adding bedroom carpets of your choice over the existing carpeting. Choose a rug with a vibrant design and bright colors according to your own taste.

  1. Refresh the decor with neutral colours

How about a bright color rug like a rich red or a rug with a large pattern? Despite the boldness of these colors, they are the perfect ground for a room with a decor dominated by neutral colors. This vibrant rug can successfully break up the monotony of a room's neutral look and draw attention to the brightly colored floor.

  1. Add bedroom rugs leading to the bathroom

If the bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, long and narrow carpets of the type of corridor carpets can be placed to occupy the empty space between the bed and the bathroom, a simple idea, but it gives an impression of elegance and that the choice of pieces was intentional.

  1. Express yourself with a printed rug

Printed rugs are custom-made rugs that you can put on the rug design yourself. Since the bedroom is the area where you feel most relaxed and comfortable, it would be a delightful idea to put a rug that expresses you. Think of quotes that you love, cute or inspirational phrases. It would also be a great idea to put a rug in the guest bedroom with the words "Welcome" written on it.

  1. Lay one rug on top of another

Sometimes placing carpets on top of each other is a good idea for bedroom decor. For example, you can place a thick carpet on top of flat carpets. This addresses the defect of flat carpets, with which furniture appears to float.

Another good idea for stacking rugs is to place a patterned or antique rug on top of an organic rug made of jute or sisal, however it should be done in order for the final look to be neat, so make sure that at least 8 cm of the under rug is visible.

  1. Show off the beauty of design

If your bedroom rug design is so visually appealing that you feel it should stand out, place only the end of the rug under the bed so that most of the area of ​​the rug is clearly visible outside.

  1. Put two rugs together

Large rooms need more than one carpet to break the monotony of the wide floor and introduce some beautiful colors and shapes. In this case, it is better to put two different rugs, whether in terms of colors or design, for example, put rugs for the times with rectangular rugs, or put two pieces of hallway rugs, one plain in the color of the bed cover itself, and the other with a classic pattern.

  1. Choose a fun design for the children's bedroom

Designing children’s bedroom decor needs a different mentality than designing adult bedrooms, so it is necessary to add a touch of fun to it that reflects the vitality of young people and their playful and fun personality, so choose for your child’s bedroom a carpet with a fun design such as the colors of the sea or stars.


Keep bedroom rugs as long as possible with simple practices, for example fixing their edges to the floor with double sticky tape that protects the edges from bending and thus prevents the risk of tripping. Another important practice is to turn the bedroom carpet from time to time to remove the gaps that occur in it due to the pressure of the furniture legs, whether side cabinets, chairs or wardrobe.

When you run the carpet, treat the gap with a small ice cube, put it on the compressed gap and leave it until it melts, then lift the carpet with your fingers to restore its strength again, and in the end, do not forget to dry the carpet well.









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