6 different materials that carpets are made of

6 مواد مختلفة يُصنع منها السجاد

One of the most distinguishing elements of carpets is the material from which they are made. Below is a list of different types of materials that carpets are made from.

1. Nylon carpets

Nylon rugs are a very popular choice, thanks to how strong and durable the nylon material is. The nylon fibers can resist soil, and will stay that way for years without warping. Nylon rugs are popular, but they can produce static electricity due to friction; So this thing should be considered if you are going to choose a carpet of this type, and while you decide to buy a nylon carpet, you may want to use an anti-static spray to help reduce electric shocks to a minimum!

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2. Olivine

Olefin is a polypropylene compound, and it was originally used in outdoor spaces, due to its ability to resist moisture, now it is used in indoor spaces because olefin fibers provide a wool-like texture and are very durable, it is also necessary to know that overexposing them to UV rays The sun can damage her appearance.

3. Polyester

Another popular choice for those looking for durability in a floor mat (without compromising on looks), polyester rugs are a synthetic material that resists stains, resists moisture and is also easy to clean.

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4. Acrylic

Acrylic material consists of wool-like particles and has a high level of stain-resistance making this variety particularly attractive to areas subject to stains and general wear and tear.

5. Wool

Wool is attractive because it has a series of carefully woven fibers that resist dirt. Wool can also resist stains well, however, it is also more expensive due to how durable its surface is.

6. Triexta

Triexta is becoming a more popular choice in many homes with pets and children, thanks to how strong the synthetic fibers are, which rarely tear like other materials. The best choice for those looking to get a carpet at a lower cost.

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